Legale wiet (2doc)

Hoewel het verkopen van wiet in Nederland al decennia gedoogd wordt, is het telen van wiet nog altijd illegaal. Bekijk de 2doc Legale Wiet.

In 2019, the Dutch government started the four-year cannabis experiment in which it is possible to grow legally. Growers who registered for the experiment had to go through a strict selection procedure. How will the experiment run and what will it take for the experiment to succeed? In this documentary filmmaker Frans Bromet twee cannabis kwekers waaronder onze eigen John. Watch the documentairy here

More info: As of now, cannabis is being bought through 'the back door'. What is sold legally is bought illegally. The end of 2019 was the starting point of a four-year experiment in which state-grown cannabis is legally traded. This should lead to less crime and better quality weed with fewer harmful substances.

After a strict selection procedure, ten growers are selected who are allowed to supply this government cannabis.
Bromet follows seasoned grower John, who wanted to run his farm as legally and transparently as possible but lost everything after a lawsuit. And the entrepreneurs of Plan C who want to start growing weed for the first time. In addition, Bromet interviews the coffee shop owners, the politicians involved, and both supporters and opponents.

Bron: - Legale Wiet

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