We've fought for it for years and finally our team can do what they do best: growing and cultivating legal cannabis for recreational use. Because we're proud to announce that the Holigram team has been designated to be part of the Controlled cannabis supply chain experiment We're one of ten growers who will soon be allowed to supply coffee shops within the eleven Dutch municipalities participating in the Dutch government's cannabis experiment.

founding & fusion

The activists and the entrepreneur

We're John and Ines Meijers of Foundation JoinUs and Jetze de Raad of BioBizz®, we hebben de handen in een geslagen, voegen onze kennis, ervaring en passie samen.

We're Holigram! We zijn uniek binnen het experiment; als ‘model growers from Bierum’ hebben John en Ines landelijke bekendheid gekregen als voorvechters voor een beter cannabisbeleid. Jetze is sinds de jaren 90 ondernemer, wetenschapper en de oprichter van Biobizz®; de meest gebruikte organische plantenvoeding voor cannabis ter wereld. Het team van Holigram bestaat dus uit het beste van deze twee werelden. 

The experiment

The new cannabis law and regulations

We've been saying it for years, and with us almost a million Dutch recreational cannabis consumers: it's about time cultivation and delivery of cannabis products to coffee shops is regulated the right way. As a consumer, you have no idea what kind of cannabis product you are buying. And this weird 'tolerance policy' only leads to arbitrariness and crime. We're proud that we belong to the selected group of growers to make a change.

So if you walk into a coffee shop that partakes in the experiment in 2023, there is a good chance that you will receive a product from us. Our products are examined in the lab according to prescribed methods. And the packaging will state exactly how many active substances the product contains. You will also receive information about safe consumption.

Varieties, no pesticides, and skilled people with an affinity for the product.


From seed to end product.

The Holigram team goes for 'clean cultivation and wild flavors'. With a varied range assembled from original land races to the sexiest hybrids. And hash varieties that will make you lick your fingers.

We grow only organic, soil-grown cannabis in small, controlled spaces, with the most innovative LED lighting and high-tech air-conditioning systems. The Holigram team knows and understands the entire chain, from seed to end product, and we will show that too!

Our team is convinced that the 'Rijksexperiment closed coffee shop chain' will be successful. And that the experiment will lead to new legislation that makes way for a completely legalized and controlled cannabis market in the Netherlands; which will ultimately be profitable in terms of safety, health, decriminalization and social acceptance.

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